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    I really like Verity Seraphine and Verity Coraline. I was busy with holiday festivites so I haven't been on until now, but luckily Blade gave you a great list! Here are a few more Hebrew names to consider. I'll put a star next to the ones I like best with Verity. =]

    Adara- "noble"
    *Adina- "delicate"
    Ari- "lion of god" (or Ori- "my light", but perhaps both of them are too short?)
    *Dalia- "gentle"
    Hannah- "grace"
    *Leora/Liora - "light" (this might work since it's not as close to Elias as Eliora?)
    *Sapphira- sapphire (sounds a bit similar to Seraphine?)
    Sarai- princess
    *Shaina- beautiful
    Thirza- delightful

    Dania, Mara, and Sela don't have quite as lovely meanings, but they do have a nice sound, so just in case. Good luck! =]

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    Amy I'm so sorry I never replied to you and thanked you for your wonderful and incredibly unique suggestions - life and being exhausted now I'm in my third trimester have made me a lot less efficient these past few weeks! Out of your list I loved Sarai and Sapphira although there is something I am still yearning for in the 'ine' ending so they are not quite right for us... So we became more and more fixated on Verity Coraline with Verity Seraphine as a back up... And I put naming on the back burner as life took over a little!

    However, in the last few days I have come back to trying to decide on a perfect name - because a very good friend has just named her daughter Coralie as FN. Even though it's a variation and in a different position I feel we now can't go ahead with Coraline if the yellow bump turns pink as it takes away from both girls' name uniqueness and am hoping they will be close friends as they grow up!

    Sooooo I had a slight brainwave in the bath. As I liked Juliet but didn't feel I could use it PLUS am still hankering after an 'ine' ending, and enjoy Shakespearean connections (as long as not too tragic!) I have hit upon the name Rosaline... She is the silent character and first love of Romeo in Romeo and Juliet...

    What do people think therefore of Verity Rosaline? I think it has something classic and poetic about it, and matches Elias Michael well... I do love Verity Seraphine but it feels a little of a runner up prize to Coraline now and I'm thinking the freshness (in terms of mine and DH's thinking!) of Rosaline is making me excited!

    Would love thoughts on the above and apologies again for leaving a fab thread response unthanked for a few weeks.
    Mama to the gorgeous Elias Michael, Verity Rosaline and expecting a girl or boy bundle in December 2016

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    I think Verity Rosaline is perfect.

    Verity Seraphine isn't quite as nice since the eeee sound repeats itself (veritEEEE seraphEEEEn) as do the "era" sounds (vERAty sERAphine).

    Coraline works as well as Rosaline phonetically, but Rosaline is a much more romantic and rooted name. I really like it.
    Blade, MD

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    Oh thank you Blade, I value your opinion and your approval has made me more sure that this is a great name for us!!

    I am getting excited as while I did love Coraline (and also love the pretty name of Coralie) there was something about it that felt like it didn't quite seem me/us and the Shakespearean/romantic connection of Rosaline seems more rooted to us (as well as to history) whereas I didn't actually love the film Coraline so that had been niggling a little...

    Are we nearly there? I will go and discuss again with husband but he seemed excited when I talked to him just now and Rosaline actually honours his name a little too which is an added nice touch (he is Ross)
    Mama to the gorgeous Elias Michael, Verity Rosaline and expecting a girl or boy bundle in December 2016

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    Verity Rosaline is really lovely.


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