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    Merida I think is the best of the three, and I also think that it goes the best.

    As for middle names, I would probably go down the shorter route due to Merida's three-syllables. I might incorporate some of the other names, too like:

    Merida Vivvi (or Merida Viv, if you warm up to that)
    Merida J

    Other ideas I like:
    Merida Sage
    Merida Lark

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    Romilly Josephine would be my first pick. I love Romi as a nn.

    Merida would be my second pick.
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    slavicforbutterfly Guest
    Verity is easily my favorite from your list!

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    Happy Christmas all!

    I've been thinking about this lots over the course of the day (when not enjoying watch my son's massive Christmas excitement!) and my husband has now vetoed Josephine but may be coming back round to Verity. I have to say I'm leaning towards Verity at the moment as I feel it matches the strength and classic but rare (in the UK ) nature of Elias plus has a strong 'whole' sound that I worry Merida and Vivia lack...

    I'm now thinking:
    Verity Coraline
    Verity Seraphine
    Verity Ophelia
    Verity Madison - need to talk to hubby again about this; we both love Madison but feel it doesn't match Elias as a first name . Am wondering if it may work as a MN especially with the M connection.

    Merida not completely out but I'm definitely veering back to Verity for the reasons above.
    Amydomsmom - I would love your extra Hebrew ideas as well if you can think of any, for middle name purposes - either with Verity or to try and bring Merida back to the table! Thank you

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    Merida Nell - Oh, Merida. I love this name. I don't care about the Brave connection because it's a good one. I actually like Nell with Merida, it sounds fine! What about Merida Isa? It means "strong-willed" and it goes along with the powerful, strong image.
    Vivia Isis - Not a fan, Vivia is too repetitive. I find those names too froofrooey.
    Verity Meredith - So beautiful. It's so peaceful- "truth". Meredith is so adorable, it's an undiscovered vintage classic!
    All the best,

    Charlotte Noelle
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