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    Opinions on girls names as a sibling for Elias: Merida, Vivia or Verity?

    Hello and a very Merry Christmas to all!

    Following a very friendly and welcoming response to my boy's name thread (we are expecting a new baby next Spring) we have decisively chosen the name Inigo Gabriel if our yellow bump turns blue. I love it here's the thread if you're interested:

    However now I feel sure that with this PERFECT boy's name ready to go, we will have a girl and we are in much more of a mess!!

    Here are our ideas so far, to go with lovely son whose name I adore, Elias Michael (occasional nn Eli):

    Merida Nell
    Vivia Isis
    Verity Meredith

    Possibility but an outlier at present:
    Romilly Josephine

    Other names I like but not properly considering:
    Ophelia (but too sad re: Hamlet)
    Elodie (but don't want another E name)
    Coraline (but Cora doesn't go with our surname which starts with an O)
    Seraphina - something I'm not sure of for us but I do like it a lot!
    Hermia - but too much like Hernia...
    Hero - love but too much confusion re boy/girl name

    I love Merida, and am at one with the Brave connection as I feel that film is not going to be the massive hit that something like The Little Mermaid was, so shouldn't be too much of an issue. Anyway, it's a sweet film and the character is a strong female lead which I like! There is something about the middle name we are not sure of and I think we could make Merida the winner if we could fix this! Originally we loved Meredith but we have decided Merida is more in keeping with Elias as it's very unusual as is Elias in the UK.

    Vivia I love too - and love the nickname of Vivvi but not sure about Viv which I think I would have to be okay with as it might become inevitable post-teenage years! Again I love Isis and there is a connection (indirect) with where we met so the MN is good but not set in stone if something else could bring Vivia's best qualities out even better...

    Verity is an old favourite and was what we thought we would call the first bump when it was briefly yellow! But since then my husband has gone off it a little and I've had my head turned by the above two names! Would love feedback on all three

    Wow, what a ramble! Open to other lovely suggestions and have included a short list of other names I have a strong liking for to give ideas if anyone has any thoughts! One thing I don't like personally is unisex names...

    Many thanks for reading and for any ideas you can offer


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    Re: Merida and Verity, I also love the potential NNs of Meri and Veri

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    I think each of your top three could pair well with brother Elias, but I agree with your analysis.

    Merida: I agree, Nell really makes it fall flat. Why not pair it with some of your other favorites-- something long, elegant and ending on a consonant sound?

    Merida Vivienne
    Merida Josephine
    Merida Coraline

    As you seemed to like saints' names in your boys' post:

    Merida Sylvaine
    Merida Beatrix
    Merida Bernadette
    Merida Cecile
    Merida Euphrosyne
    Merida Endelyn
    Merida Florentine
    Merida Genevieve
    Merida Helene
    Merida Julianne
    Merida Lucienne
    Merida Petronille
    Merida Sabine
    Merida Therese

    As Vivia shares the same phonetic qualities as Merida (three syllables, ending in -a, accent placed on first syllable) any of the above names would work well with it, too. You might also lengthen Isis into Isadora/e ("gift of Isis,") as Vivia Isadore seems a bit more polished.

    I personally love the name Verity, too. You might consider the original Welsh female name Mererid as a middle, but I think that might repeat the -er sound too much. All of your "rejected" names ending with -a work well with Verity-- i.e.

    Verity Seraphine / Seraphina
    Verity Ophelia
    Verity Elodia
    Blade, MD

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    XX: Cassia Viviane Noor

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    I like meridia and vivia, i like vidia too liek the fairy on tikerbell!

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    Yay, I had been waiting for this post! =]

    Merida Nell- I really, really love the name Merida. Generally speaking, this is my favorite name out of the 4 choices (especially because of Brave, though you're right I don't think it will ever become more popular than it was when it came out) and I think it would go pretty well with Elias. I'm not sure that it matches up perfectly, but they don't sound unusual together. I especially like that they both contain E-I-A in the same order, very cute! But yes, I do agree that Nell is not enough mn for Merida. Perhaps something longer? (Another thought is that an E middle might be cute to give the opposite initals of Elias Michael. Elodie shares a lot of the same sounds but could possibly still work? Eleanor, Elaine, Elizabeth, Evangeline, Evelyn... Merida Elaine is quite pretty if you ask me).

    Verity Meredith- Verity has become one of my new favorities, it is such a rich name with different but equally strong vowel sounds, mirroring Elias. It has a great meaning and I like the idea of another middle name that starts with M, but Meredith is a little bit rhymey with Verity and sadly Merida would have the same issue. Do you happen to like any other feminine M names? Mirabel, Madison, Miriam, Magnolia, Mila, Marina, Melissa. Verity Matilda could be cute (I was trying to think mainly of names that had 7 letters...)

    Vivia Isis- Vivia is great due to the 5 letter connection, but I am not the biggest fan of this one. I think it too may need "just a little more" to it. If you don't mind adding a letter, Vivian Isis flows a bit better due to breaking up the vowel sounds and makes it a bit easier to say. I also like the suggestion of Vivia Isadore, but again that might be kind of a mouthful. I was going to suggest a few more middle name options at the end, but looking through your other choices, Vivia Josephine would be great and Vivia Coraline sounds gorgeous to me, but you would have to judge it and see how it sounds with your last name. Maybe you'd like it with one of the great Saints names that Blade listed?

    Romilly Josephine- Romilly is a beautiful name, and I really like this combo with Josephine, but I think the other names "match" Elias a little bit better. It is 7 letters long though, so it might be a nice choice for a middle. What about Vivia Romilly?

    ~My other thought was to find a few new mn options that you might not have considered that are Hebrew in origin like Michael. Let me know if you like any of these, or I can help you keep looking. A few of my favorites that I found were:
    Naomi- meaning "my joy, my delight" (sounds great with either Merida or Vivia)
    Odelia- an option that is less tragic than Ophelia... Hebrew for "I will praise the lord" (Verity Odelia would sound great)
    Shira- gorgeous and means "my song" (Verity Shira is pretty and would have a wonderful meaning...Song of truth, how cool is that??)

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