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Thread: Need Thoughts

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    Need Thoughts

    Little girl due in May. I have been searching through loads of names and now have a few combos. Could you please tell me your opinion?
    Blakely Autumn/Winter - really like it, just not sure if I could use Autumn/Winter if she will be born in spring. I can't stand May/Mae!
    Georgia Mackenzie(?) - I adore Georgia and Mackenzie, not sure if the sound good together. Any middle name suggestions for this will be great.
    Hattie Beatrice - I want to use just Hattie, not Harriet. And Beatrice has special meaning.

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    My favorite for you is Georgia Mackenzie, followed by Hattie Beatrice. Or you could go with Georgia Beatrice!

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    I would go with Georgia Beatrice as Beatrice has special meaning to you. I'm not a fan of using nn as given names, which is why I don't like Hattie Beatrice, but I prefer that combo over the others.
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    Definitely stay away from Autumn and Winter if she's not born in those seasons - it'll just be asking for trouble. Blakely I see as more masculine anyway, maybe Blakely Beatrice to balance things out. I prefer Georgina to Georgia and I think coupled with Mackenzie the combo has a really trendy, awkward feel to it. I don't think Hattie Beatrice flows either, the "t" sounds in both make it sound harsh, Hattie Mackenzie maybe. Also you might want to consider Spring for a middle name instead of Autumn/Winter. Georgia Spring / Hattie Spring maybe.
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    I love the name Blakely for you. I think it's underused. What about Blakely Piper? (I see it was one of the names in your signature that you didn't mention in this list).

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    Blakely Mackenzie
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