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    My name is Stacy and I have considered giving a daughter the name Anastasia and nick naming her Ana. Princess Anastasia and I share the same birthday too. So yeah, i think it would be fun. lol I don't think it would be prideful or pretentious in anyway.
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    I'm named after my mum and I've come to really like it - we go by different nicknames, though: she's "Mary-Anne" (goes by "Annie") and I'm "Mary-Margaret" ("Margaret"). If I ever have a daughter I'll love to continue the tradition.

    The practise of naming children after family members (including parents) and distinguish them by nicknames goes back centuries. Personally I think a mother/daughter named Marge/Maggie (both Margaret) works better than something different but similar in sound, like Kelly/Kailey or Michelle/Ariel.
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