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    I would never do it, for one I would hate to have my mom's name as part of my name (we don't have a good relationship) so why would I do it to my daughter? and second, I am not a fan of honoring at all.

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    If I had a name that had variations I liked - in a second!
    I think it's a nice way to pass on your name without it being exactly the same and, if done right, is really adorable.

    Fiance Nathan wants to name a daughter Natalie, which I would definitely do.

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    If its something you'd do for a male name, then it's silly to object for a female name.

    But i wouldn't for cultural reasons, plus i think its weird in general to give kids the same/very similar name as his or her parents. Let everyone in the household be a little more distinct than that.

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    There's nothing wrong with it, and I don't think it's vain or narcissistic, but whether or not I'd do it myself depends on the name.

    I actually am an Alison, and I wouldn't use Alice as my daughter's first name. They're too close for my tastes, and too likely to be mistaken for each other. I would possibly consider Alice as a middle name, if I liked it enough, but it's not likely. In contrast, I love Adele, and both Alison and Adele come from the same root (adal, meaning "noble"). My top combo is Iris Adele, and part of the appeal for me is that there would be a connection between her name and mine, but not one that could create confusion or make her feel like she didn't have her "own" name. I'd even be willing to use Adele, Adela, or Adelaide as a first name.
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    I agree, why not? As I've looked more and more into names, I've realized that all my siblings are named after someone in the family, my mom is named after her mom, and my paternal grandmother passed her first name on to her daughter, as well, and while both my names are family names (my uncle's MN is Ashley; two of my great-aunts have the MN Marie), it wasn't intentional. I would have loved to be Ashley Karen, after my mom, or even a variant, like Ashley Kate or Ashley Catherine.

    Something like Asha or Aislinn/Aisling are too close for me, but Asher is on my boys' top 3. I would use Asher with no qualms. I'm still not terribly comfortable saying I'd be naming my son after me--I really just added Asher because I love it so much--but yeah, sure, I don't have a problem with it.
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