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    I don't like my name at all, so I would never name my daughter a variation of it. It also depends on the name. If you are an Elizabeth, than names like Isabel, Bethany or even Eliza, Ella or Elsa can work. It also is nice but not matchy if your child's name in someway is in the same category as yours. Basing it on origins or meanings is the best way to do this. Like a Susan naming her daughter Lily- that would be great.
    I think an Allison naming a daughter Alice, though, isn't really advisable. Maybe Aaron or Adeline, but I'd stay away from any -son names or even Al- names like Alexandra or Alexis.

    I guess I'm lucky that my own name, Reine, is so obscure that I can name my kids whatever I want to avoid clashing with my own.
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    I think Emma and Amelia are gorgeous names, but I wouldn't give them to a daughter. I also love Emmett for a boy but wouldn't consider it for an actual son. I would much rather pass down my maiden name.
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    My mother's name is Elsa, mine is elspeth and I would like to call one of my future daughters Elea.
    I never perceived my name as part of my mothers, it is my name completely. So it certainly is an option for a future daughter of mine.

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    I would do it, but there aren't variants of my name, so it won't happen. I might use my first name in the middle name spot for a daughter. I'd do that.
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    I could never do that to a child. As much as I like names like Natalya or Nadia, they're just too similar to Natalie. I know if a parent gives a similar name it's not vain or pretentious, but when you get into straight-up variations, it makes me wonder what's going on.

    In a previous post, I mentioned a mother and daughter in my family tree named Sharyn and Sharen, respectively. Yikes!
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