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    Yes, I would, if there were any variations oft name that I liked.

    I would totally give her my first name as a middle name.
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    As a middle, definitely. As a first, I think it would be a little unnecessary, and possibly confusing (as in the case of Allison and Alice). Whilst I adore family names in the middle, I think a child should have a name all of their own.

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    It's not vain or conceited at all. Men do it all the time, so why not women?

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    I'm thinking about this too (Angelina to Evangeline). I think it's fine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by covella View Post
    It's not vain or conceited at all. Men do it all the time, so why not women?

    I always find that tradition very misogynist. And very kingly. You see, in past times, men had been inheriting estate as first born son. So they thought bloodline and surname (if they had one) must be preserved. Females get their husbands name. If they had surname, they valued it very much, because it gained importance as one could see a clan. After some time, importance of surname extended through first name.

    Similar thing happened in Ancient Rome. Father would give all their sons father's name and they call them after number of birth (Second, come to table!). Daughter will gain female version of his father's name (Claudius, father - Claudia, daughter, Octavio, father - Octavia, daughter). Then they got second name, which was just official nickname. After some time, father give their son both first and second name all same.


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