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    would you give your daughter a variation on your own name?

    Is that too vain? Ex: Allison (mom) naming daughter Alice. Would it be too confusing?

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    Usually it's the males that give their children their first name or a variation of it. I don't know about vanity, but I think it can be confusing when two people in the same house have similar sounding names. I think Alice would be a really cute middle name for someone whose mother's name is Allison. Perhaps it would be a little strange if the daughter were "named after" the mom, but if the mom just really loves Alice, I think it works!

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    I plan on using a variation on my name in the middle name spot for a future daughter. My name is a variation of Mary so I want to use Malia as a middle. That name has other importance as well though. I know of a lot of mothers that use their name in the middle spot, but I've never seen it IRL as a fn.

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    I love Yara but would never use it. Tara and Yara are too close and it seems conceited. Naming your child after yourself is not my cup of tea, man or woman

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    Never. And not because I do not like my name. Because of the emotional baggage involved. I have never known a girl named after her mom who was happy with it.

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