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    Cool Unique Baby Name Idea: Help Me Find Names With Third Letter "C"


    I know this may sound strange, but I have this vision to name my children to correspond with their initials. My last name starts with a "C" so I need to find names that all have a "C" as the third letter. Can you all help me? I have not found a search option at any baby website yet that allows me to search for _ _ C. I have been working hard to find baby names on my own but it is very time consuming.

    If this is all a little confusing, here are some examples I have come up with for my baby to be (gender unknown):

    Jackson Arlow Cruise (JAC)

    Mackenzie Addison Cruise (MAC)

    Richard Inigo Cruise (RIC)

    Pacey Abraham Cruise (PAC)

    While all of these names are beautiful, I have not found "THE ONE" for my baby.

    Can any of you fellow Nameberries help?!


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    Jack and Lucy are two of my favorite names for children in general, but you seem to have more exotic taste.

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