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    Twin Boys who need names!

    Four is our number. It’s what we told ourselves when we decided to start trying for lucky number four! Well, four turned into five. Yep, that’s right, twins!

    I’ve been searching for names for months now, turning over every stone I can find for possible names but nothing is really sticking or sounding appealing in the least. I’m not sure if I’ve just looked over one too many names and now they’re all starting to sound the same. I’m due in three weeks and thankfully, they’ve stayed where they’re supposed to be until I can find names for them.

    We already have three boys. Stellan Ezra is our eldest at five, Shiloh Kieran is close behind at four and our last bundle of joy is Mohin Aubrey at two. I still love their names! And considering my hobby of looking for names high and low, I’m surprised at myself. I don’t really have a specific naming style, I just pick names that I like. I don’t necessarily believe in “sib sets” and don’t run my life around them which is probably part of my problem. Nothing is narrowed down to “does it match his brothers?” or “do they sound like they could be brothers?”

    Any help would be greatly appreciated! Our last name is Gray.

    Names we like:
    Milo (but too close to Shiloh)
    Waverley (my husband wants this one, from the novel by Sir Walter Scott (his favorite book). I’m not sold.)

    Oh! I forgot to add the name Audie to the list!
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    There are several people with the surname Gray on Nameberry. I didn't know it was so common!

    I like Jude, Arthur, Riley, and Finley the most from your list.

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    Out of those names, my favorite is Jude. The only one that really goes with Jude is Winston, and even then it doesn't really match. (Milo would be better, but it does rhyme).

    Jude and Lake
    Jude and Blaine
    Jude and Sylvan
    Jude and Aidric
    Jude and Adrian
    Jude and Soren
    Jude and Sebastian

    J is my favorite name letter, so I also love Jude and Jack or Jem, but that gets a bit matchy. I agree with you about sibsets. I think they shouldn't keep you from choosing a name you love, but with twins, I think its important to give them names that go together since their names will be said together all their lives and especially names with equal weight (i.e. don't name one after a president and one a surfer name).

    It does seem there are a lot of Grays. And they are having a lot of twins. Congrats!
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    Wow, I love that you have a son named Shiloh, I love it!!!

    Jude, Finley and Riley are my favourites but I think Jude fits best. Jude Winston Gray is very handsome. Arthur Milo Gray is adorable too.
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    I like Hadley,Jude,Winstin and Walter from your list since they soundnice with your other kid's names (:
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