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    Quote Originally Posted by berrybry View Post
    Merry Christmas!!!
    Juliette Holly Belle "Julie"
    Nicholas Timothy Rudolph "Nick"
    Timothy and Juliette are just favourites, but the rest are Christmas names! I love Rudolph!! I truly wish I could use it!!! Rudolph and Timothy are the only boy names I love!
    I should have started a boy names thread too, thanks for the Rudolph suggestion.


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    Lol, today (Christmas Eve) is my birthday and my name is Cassandra. I'm kind of glad my mom didn't give me a super cheesy name to match the time of year I was born, though in theory, I do like Eve, Merry, Noelle and Winter.

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    Happy Birthday, Flick! Cassandra is a pretty name!
    All the best,

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    Seren Joy - if she had a twin I'd call the twin Estelle Ivy - if she had a triplet I'd call the triplet Holly Scarlett

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    I'd use my favorite names -- but I'd HAVE to throw in a 2nd "Christmas-y/Holiday-like middle.

    Something like Natalie Noelle Claire, Paige Elizabeth Holly, or Leah Jeanne Frost

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