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    Name: Lillian Alexandra Jean Cartwright
    Career: Ultrasound technician

    Fiancé's name: George Oliver Conner Thompson
    Fiancé's career: Musical therapist

    Wedding: Outdoors/nature theme

    First pregnancy: Margot Elizabeth Poesy
    Second pregnancy: Jasper Alexander Callum
    Third pregnancy: Reuben Xavier Bennett
    Fourth pregnancy: Hannah Alice Naomi, Talitha Hope Alexandra & Beatrix Olivia Abigail

    Lily Cartwright & George Thompson; Margot, Jasper, Reuben, Hannah, Tallie & Beatrix.

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    Your name is Vivienne Tracey Sue Brooks, and you're a 27-year-old PhD student, studying to get your doctorate in education. Your fiance, Frederick Ike Jonathan Parks, who goes by "Fred," is a 28-year-old veterinarian.

    The two of you met 5 years ago on campus, when you were a senior earning your bachelors degree, and Fred was in his first year of medical school. You took things slow, but eventually decided to take it to the next level and get engaged while on a vacation to Paris, France, for your 27th birthday. Fred lives on his own in a nice townhouse in the city, while you live on-campus at a prestigious university about 4 hours away. You can't wait to graduate school this year and go live with your lovely fiance.

    That summer, on June 21st, you marry Fred in a 1950's themed wedding. Your dress is a gorgeous lace, cap-sleeve stunner and you wear a little cage veil. The night is perfect, and after the wedding, you move in with Fred in the townhouse and change your name to Vivienne Tracey Sue Parks.

    You find a job teaching at a private high school soon after moving to the city, and you love working with the children. It's truly your passion and you don't think you'd ever give it up.

    However, 6 months into the school year, you find out that you are expecting! It wasn't planned, but it certainly is welcomed. You and Fred are so excited to be parents, and spend all 9 months decorating the baby's room. You leave the gender a surprise.

    On November 3rd, you deliver a baby girl whom you name Violet Rosalie Maeve Parks. Violet is a gorgeous little girl and you love her to the moon and back. At the time of her birth, you are 29 and Fred is 30.

    You go back to teaching after the school's winter break, and do a good job juggling a family and a full-time career. You're really happy with where you are, and you couldn't imagine it being any other way.

    4 years later, on your 33rd birthday, you get a surprise: you're pregnant again! It's the best birthday gift you could have gotten, considering you had been trying for about 2 years to conceive. Violet is really excited that she's going to be a big sister, and because of all her begging, you and Fred decide to find the gender out in advanced. It's another girl!

    On November 28, you deliver daughter Matilda Elizabeth Penelope Parks. She's a gorgeous baby girl, and everyone loves her to pieces. Violet always asks to hold her, and you and Fred are a lot closer after her arrival than you ever were before. It's like she completed everyone. You're 33 & Fred's 34.

    You go back to work after delivering Matilda, but you tell Fred that you think it's time to start staying home with the girls, and perhaps time to expand the family a little further. Fred agrees, and you finish out your last school year of teaching.

    You stay home with Violet & Matilda and raise them to be perfect little ladies. Violet loves to dance and Matilda is a little pop star, and you find yourself so wrapped up in their lives that you forgot about what you wanted--another baby. 4 years later, you are able to announce that you are pregnant. You decide to find out the gender in advanced again, and find out it's another girl!

    On December 29th, you deliver daughter Lea Katherine Faith Parks. Violet & Matilda are in love with their baby sister, and you and Fred are just happy to finally have another little one in the house. You're 37 & Fred's 38.

    After Lea's birth, you and Fred agree to try once more and hope to have a baby boy. After 3 years, you announce your pregnancy. You decide to keep the gender a surprise, but you do learn that you are expecting twins! On August 17th, you deliver two little boys: Jasper Nathaniel Add Parks & Kale Lucas Owen Parks. You are overjoyed and can't believe you finally have two little boys running around! You're 40 & Fred's 41 when the boys are born.

    Now, Violet is 11 and she's a gorgeous little girl with her blonde locks & blue eyes. Violet's in the fifth grade, and a very sharp girl. She dances every day of the week, except Sunday, and competes nationally in dance competitions.

    Matilda is a 7-year-old kindergartner. She sings all the time--at school, at home. She never takes a break, and her fire-cracker personality is matched by her glittery brown eyes & hair.

    Lea is 3 years old, and a little fashionista. She's always playing dress-up and having Violet & Matilda paint her nails and do her hair. She dislikes the outdoors and prefers to stay inside where she's safe from the mud. Her blonde curls & blue eyes are a perfect match to her personality.

    Jasper & Kale are newborns, but you can already tell they're polar opposites. Jasper, with his brown hair & blue eyes, is extremely mellow and calm. Kale, with his blonde hair & brown eyes, just wants to start trouble. You can't wait to see what they'll grow up to be.
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    Name: Ottilie Florence Beatrice Temple
    Job: PhD student - philosophy

    Fiancé: Charles Alexander Frederick Crawley
    Fiancé's career: History teacher

    Wedding: Pastel/vintage theme

    DD: Violet Rose Winifred
    DD: Matilda Elizabeth Posy
    DS: James Charles Henry
    DD: Henrietta Amelia Nancy, Tallulah Harriet Annabelle & Beatrice Ottoline Arabella

    Charles & Ottilie Crawley
    Violet, Tilly, James, Henny, Lula & Beatrice

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    DW: Ophelia Felicity Bridget Talbot (PhD student in Classical Civilisation)
    DH: Caleb Arthur Fabian Castle (Veterinarian)

    Vintage themed wedding.

    Lucy Clementine Winter
    Alice Coralie Ginevra
    Sirius Luke Percival & Demetria Snow Felicity
    Hermione Amity Nathalia, Thalia Helena Annabel & Bella Olivia Ariadne

    Lucy, Alice, Sirius, Demi, Mia, Leah & Bella
    thinking about...

    Claudia Miray - Juliet Aylin - Rosalie Ofilya - Vivienne Adalet
    Benedict Cem - Dominic Aslan - Frederick Bedir - Hector Elvan

    Annika - Arabella - Cordelia - Evangeline - Flora
    Genevieve - Milena - Ottilie - Raphaella - Severine - Verity

    Arlo - Dean - Draco - Evander - Hale - Hugo - Julian - Louis
    Lupin - Orion - Peter - Regulus - Remus - Theodore

    my full naming lists

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