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    Opinions on Inigo as a sibling for Elias

    Hi all this is my first post, I love this forum and site but have only just managed to register!

    I'm having my second baby in the spring and am pretty much getting there with names but wanted your expert thoughts!

    We currently have an Elias Michael (occasional nn Eli); there is nothing I don't love about this name and it was an easy choice - in fact loving it so much has made our boy's name (we are staying team yellow) really hard this time.

    Anyway I think I've finally got my husband round to my way of thinking and we are going for:

    Inigo Gabriel (possible nn Ini, Ni or In)

    What do people think? Is it too similar to Elias or actually too far out from it? Can you tell I'm hormonal and not very decisive!! I love the name but want reassurance!!

    Our other ideas for first names were


    Most of the above have been discounted for good reasons (although I do love them all) and I do have a massive feeling that Inigo is right for us but I would appreciate your expert opinions of the sibset and how the names run together.

    Thoughts so much appreciated!!

    Lulupeg xx

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    Oops forgot to say, friends of ours have a nephew called Inigo which is the only small dampener as I like to be unique - however he now lives overseas and we are unlikely to ever see him again (although we will hear about his progress through our good friends a lot), he is 6 or so at the moment.

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    Inigo is a wonderful, extremely unique name, and to my mind nothing like Elias except for the fact that they're both saintly (Inigo was the birth name of St Ignatius). I think of Inigo Jones, the architect, and of course dashing swordsman Inigo Montoya.

    Gabriel & Michael of course share the same angelic connection.

    I like Inigo more than any of the other options you listed-- it's very cool. (I'm partial to Aneurin, but am not sure it's wearable, and it's certainly not as wearable as Elias).
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    I absolutely love Inigo! I think it is a great name and seems almost perfect next to Elias if you ask me. They each have their own unique sound but then they also have a lot of things in common so it seems like a very well thought-out and balanced sibset.

    Being 5 letters long, starting with vowels, as well as sharing the "i" sound in the middle makes them pair up well together. And yes, obviously Michael and Gabriel are great matching middle names also. Good luck, but I think you've already picked the winner... =]

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    I've never heard this name before. Intriguing choice. I like it quite a lot after putting some though into it. My initial reaction, prior to giving it much thought, was that it seemed too similar to 'indigo'. But once I got over that initial reaction, I turned to loving the name a lot. I don't think it's similar to Elias at all, and feel it would make a good sibling name for Elias, unless the fact that Elias is quite popular and Inigo is probably unknown by most is a problem for you. MN works well too.

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