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    Opinions on Inigo as a sibling for Elias

    Hi all this is my first post, I love this forum and site but have only just managed to register!

    I'm having my second baby in the spring and am pretty much getting there with names but wanted your expert thoughts!

    We currently have an Elias Michael (occasional nn Eli); there is nothing I don't love about this name and it was an easy choice - in fact loving it so much has made our boy's name (we are staying team yellow) really hard this time.

    Anyway I think I've finally got my husband round to my way of thinking and we are going for:

    Inigo Gabriel (possible nn Ini, Ni or In)

    What do people think? Is it too similar to Elias or actually too far out from it? Can you tell I'm hormonal and not very decisive!! I love the name but want reassurance!!

    Our other ideas for first names were


    Most of the above have been discounted for good reasons (although I do love them all) and I do have a massive feeling that Inigo is right for us but I would appreciate your expert opinions of the sibset and how the names run together.

    Thoughts so much appreciated!!

    Lulupeg xx

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