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    Middle name for Clara? // Boy name help!

    My husband has two girls (Xandra and Malanie) and we have a new baby girl (Phaedra), my first. If the next is a girl, she will be Clara, which is my grandmother's middle name. I am stuck on a middle name, though. Clara Beatrix has come to mind, Clara Josephine is nice too (but don't want anyone to call her CJ!); any other mn ideas?

    Also, if the next is a boy, we are clueless about names. Without meaning it, the three girls all have two As in their names. My husband's name has one A and my name has one A, and retroactively, that's so cute! So it was awesome that Clara fit in that pattern, even after we had chosen it as our next name. My husband doesn't mind made up names or names with a twist, but I want names to be real and I tend toward classic without being stale or trendy. I decided when I was 12 that Phaedra was my first daughter's name and held on to it for 23 years! I am just not excited about any boy names! Some I've been so-so, leaning positive, about: Sebastian (my husband hates it because there was a club singer with that name!), Alden (but spelling looked too much like Aiden for me, too trendy), Hayes (but wary of Haze confusion), and Anderson (but my husband said it made him think of windows). Argh! He likes Kieran, but I'm iffy on it. Can anyone help? And maybe throw in some boy names with two As, just for fun! Not necessary, but neat!

    Thanks! :-)

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    Hi! I love the name Clara! The middle names you are considering are both nice, but I also like these combos:

    Clara Bethany
    Clara Catherine
    Clara Eve
    Clara Iris
    Clara Natalie
    Clara Odette
    Clara Quinn
    Clara Persephone

    For a boy - with 2 As... Aaron is my favorite.
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    What about:


    Out of those, I really LOVE:


    I think the names you guys have chosen are unique and different but still known. I think these names reflect that.

    I would go with Keane (which means ancient) or Cian instead of Kieran. I like Kieran though. I believe it's the male form of Keira.

    Middle names for Clara:

    Clara Lux (means bright; light)
    Clara Asteria / Seren/ Stella (means bright; star)
    Clara Felicity (means bright; happy)
    Clara Vivienne (means bright;life)
    Clara Daisy (means bright;pearl)
    Clara Eleanor (means bright; shining one)
    Clara Tempest (means bright; stormy, turbulent)

    Best of luck!

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    Thank you both! I appreciate the ideas!

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    I love Clara Beatrix! How beautiful. I'm horrible at Clara combos, I've dropped it from my own list in the past because I couldn't find anything I loved. I do think Clara Liv would be nice, though (Liv's a full Scandinavian name, meaning "life", or a Scandinavian variant of Elizabeth, meaning "my God is a vow", depending on which site you look--both meanings are nice, imo).

    I do have a few ideas for a boy, though.

    Ciaran (the original Gaelic spelling--I love this so much more than Kieran! Still pronounced KEER-ahn. I think it's lovely with Xandra, Malanie, and Phaedra, too)
    Caspar (I think most Berries intuitively spell it Casper, but the French Caspar--or even Gaspard--would get you the two "A"s)
    Alban (Alba seems to be catching on, so I don't know why Alban for a boy couldn't! I think it's handsome)
    Alistair/Alasdair (although Alasdair has 3 "A"s)
    Reagan (too unisex? I love it for a boy, but I know others don't...)
    Santiago (too international?)
    Zachary/Zachariah (although Zachariah has 3 "A"s, again)

    Even though it only has one "A", I really like the idea of Sullivan with your girls, too.

    Good luck!
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