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    London, England
    Altair is my newest love (not a crush, pure love and adoration). And Remiel too.
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    Feilder and Wilder (: i love those names so much
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    Amias has been climbing my own personal chart rapidly recently to make it's way up to my top 3, along with Caius and Cian.

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    I really have liked Frederick lately because a friend has a baby with this name and they call him Freddie which I think fits being absolutly beautiful on his part and so smiley makes the name work for me even more.

    We are considering either Peregrine or Wolfgang for our son due in March. So obviously both those names.

    I really love the idea of the name Shepherd but cant bring myself to actually use it. So Frederick and Shepherd are pribably my official name crushes....ones I really love at the moment and am drawn true byt wouldnt work in reality for my own child.
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    Nicholas just recently got added back to our boys list, so that's probably my biggest crush right now. I also love March and North but I doubt my husband would ever agree to either of those.

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