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    Wishing for Greece, stuck in the US
    I got my power back today (finally!). It was a week gone and sleeping on the floor at my grandparents house. Not good for my pregnant self! I'm glad it's finally back.

    Kerzell is interesting. It does sound sort of German. Is it male or female?

    Also, Caty Beth, Arwen Louisa is lovely! -- My Amazon Author Page

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    caty_beth89 Guest
    So glad your power is finally back on!
    Kerzell was used for females in my family, but who knows? It sounds like it could be either to me.
    Azubah or Zuba are a couple of other weird family names that I thought of. You've probably heard Azubah before. It's biblical. Zuba I think was probably a made up name to honor Azubah. They were both female.
    And thank you! I've really fallen in love with the name Arwen Louisa and can't wait to meet our little Ari Lou.

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