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Thread: Alexander

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    Quote Originally Posted by vulturine View Post
    The only doubt I have is that it's a little anti-climatic compared to some of the other names on my list.
    This is one that we considered--and then rejected--due to what my husband calls its "bland" vibe. There's nothing *wrong* with Alexander, but it just feels somehow generic.

    As far as nns go, Alex and Xan are the only ones I really like.
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    Alexander has been a favourite of mine and DH's too and we are considering it in the middle name position as it struck us as too popular for a first name. That said, in my humble opinion NOTHING trumps a name you both truly love - not popularity, not having a friend with the same name, not other people thinking it's weird/old-fashioned/too modern etc. Finding a name two people love and agree on is a minor miracle! :-)

    I probably wouldn't shorten the name but if I did I'd choose Sacha or Lex.

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    I like Alexander. It's great because it's so versatile and classic. Besides, the nns are so versatile (and unique) that it makes up for the semi-blandness of Alexander (Alec, Sandy, Sasha, Al, Lex, Alexei (just heard this recently and I love it!), Andy, Xander, Skandar, Zane, Alejo...).

    Good luck!
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    Alexander is just an awesome name.
    That's why it's popular.
    Personally, I say go for a cool NN like Xander. I have even heard an Alexander nn Axel. I taught a Russian Alexander nn Sasha. Not so keen on the nn Lex- "Lex Luther" springs to my mind. I also know a young man named Alexander nn Alec.
    If you like the nn Alex then just use it. I mean really, does it matter if there is another Alex in his class? Sometimes having a popular name is like a ticket to being accepted by peers.
    If it makes your heart happy then use it.
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    Exactly-- Alexander is like Sophia. An excellent, storied, regal, pleasant name. It's only 'crime it's that too many people caught on to it's glory and gave it to their sons. On a site like nameberry you can feel pressure to choose something not heard every day, which is really a very poor measure of the strength of the name.
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