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Thread: Alexander

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    Thoughts on Alexander? It's very common, but I love it and I have personal connections to this name that make me love it more. The only doubt I have is that it's a little anti-climatic compared to some of the other names on my list.

    What nickname would you use? Any slightly more unusual middle name ideas?

    Thank you (:

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    I love Alexander. It's got great history, a sort of royal sound, but it's familiar. It's got everything a name should have. I have the middle names Dante and Griffin for my Alexander combo. For nicknames, I'm going to use Xander, but I also like Lex. There's also all these nicknames: Al, Alec, Alessio, Alex, Alexi, Lex, Sander, San, Sandy, Sasha, X, Xan, Xander, Anders, Exder, Alan, Andy, Ali, Sacha, and this site has great suggestions for nicknames.

    For more uncommon middles:

    Alexander Jude
    Alexander Drake
    Alexander Poe
    Alexander Tate
    Alexander Wolf
    Alexander Felix
    Alexander Sebastian
    Alexander August
    Alexander Blaise
    Alexander Voltaire
    Alexander Cole
    Alexander Hugo (from your list)
    Alexander Grey

    I also love Dorian from your list (it was on mine too) and Dorian Alexander would be the perfect name if you decide against Alexander as a first name. -- My Amazon Author Page

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    I like Alexander, as it's my first name choice. It's definitely anti-climatic compared to many names and if you're looking for something unique or something that people will comment on, Alexander is not the way to go.

    Dantea pretty much summed up the nn choices. My favorite however would be Anders for something more "different".

    From your list, Alexander Asa, Alexander Elias, Alexander Ronan, and Alexander Soren stand out.

    On a completely unrelated note, I followed your listography page

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    I love Alexander, so many great connotations (Alexander the Great) It's so classic. Xander would be a really cool nickname!
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    Alexander is VERY common. My son is in second grade and has always had at least 2 Alexanders in his class. Alex is the common nickname so I would go with Xander. It is a great name, just very popular!

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