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    Will she just go by Willa? If so, it's fine. The meaning of the name is more important than flow. Willa Gwen is a mouthful if she's going by both and a bit awkward.

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    Willa Gwen is really sweet. Objectively looking at it, it IS heavy on the W's, but that's not necessarily a bad thing! It's just an observation, that you can decide whether you like or not (alliteration names are a good example, it bothers some people, others don't care, others like alliteration names, but pointing out that an alliteration name is an alliteration is only the beginning of the conversation, not the end of it).
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    I can't believe anyone would have a problem with it?! I mean, if someone doesn't like the names as far as a personal taste thing, okay, but no name is going to please everyone. These are two classic, sensible girls names that can grow with a girl from babyhood to womanhood. They hit all the things that berries or people in general look for when naming a child. You must have been in a forum with trolls. Or people hooked on Nevaeh.

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    You ladies rock! I was really starting to worry a bit about it but I totally feel at ease now. Thanks so much!

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    There's a town in California that is called Willow Glen and Willa Gwen kind of sounds like someone is trying to say Willow Glen but can't. I am probably the only person who would ever think that though and I think it's lovely. W is a great letter.

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