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    I think middle names are much more forgiving, really who uses your middle name except family and if you love it then it doesn't matter!
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    I love both names, and I think that family significance definitely trumps flow. I don't think that the combination is that problematic sound-wise to begin with.

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    Although Willa is not my cup of tea, they sound absolutely fine together. I don't mind the double W sounds at all!

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    I love Willa Gwen! I really like how short and snappy the names are and that they have special meaning to you and your family. Willa Gwen is simply beautiful!

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    Honestly, it sounds just fine. I think people should feel a bit less pressure when picking a middle name. I have never heard anybody say my name, my husbands name, my daughters name, etc. out loud with the middle name included. Never. So, while I think it is really fun to try to find the perfect name that flows perfectly it is not nearly as important as picking what you love.
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