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    Is it really that bad?

    The name is Willa Gwen.

    I've received responses that it's too w heavy and the two names are fine on their own, but don't work together well at all.

    I understand that Wilhelmina Gwen or Willa Gwendolen sound much better in regard to flow, but I prefer Willa Gwen for the following reasons:

    1. I want to use Willa as the name she goes by, and while I like Wilhelmina, DH does not. He does like Willa though. Willa is for my dad, William. Also, Wilhelmina feels out of place with my kids' names, Logan, Ruby, and Mick (short for Michael).

    2. Gwen is the name of my grandmother, and it's just Gwen. We also like to incorporate the name of a Saint in our children's names, and their is a St. Gwen, again just Gwen.

    Is there really something bad about the two names together that I'm not hearing?


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