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    Is it really that bad?

    The name is Willa Gwen.

    I've received responses that it's too w heavy and the two names are fine on their own, but don't work together well at all.

    I understand that Wilhelmina Gwen or Willa Gwendolen sound much better in regard to flow, but I prefer Willa Gwen for the following reasons:

    1. I want to use Willa as the name she goes by, and while I like Wilhelmina, DH does not. He does like Willa though. Willa is for my dad, William. Also, Wilhelmina feels out of place with my kids' names, Logan, Ruby, and Mick (short for Michael).

    2. Gwen is the name of my grandmother, and it's just Gwen. We also like to incorporate the name of a Saint in our children's names, and their is a St. Gwen, again just Gwen.

    Is there really something bad about the two names together that I'm not hearing?


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    I think Willa Gwen is fine. Where did you get this feedback from? From people you know or on Nameberry?

    I find that people can get hung up on what they feel is a "heavy" use of the same letter a lot on here, of course everybody has their opinions and Nameberry is great for getting a general opinion - but everybody on here has SUCH different tastes, so you can't let the feedback completely put you off a name that you love - particularly if you are using the name for sentimental reasons, it has SO much more meaning to you than people can understand so of course you'll feel differently about it than some random stranger on an internet forum will.

    Personally I much prefer the name Willa to Wilhelmina, and I much prefer Gwen to Gwendolen - if Willa Gwen is the name you love, absolutely use it. I, for one, think its pretty and a nice way to honour your relatives.
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    It was on another forum, and I do appreciate their honest feedback. I was just afraid that my love for the names was blinding me from seeing something really wrong with it. Thanks for your thoughts!

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    Willa Gwen is fine and since the combo has special meaning for you I don't think you should worry! Ruby and Willa are adorable together.
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    I think Willa Gwen is perfectly acceptable and pretty, very meaningful and sweet. Ruby and Willa are great together.

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