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    My Dad had an aunt Irene, she went by Reenie, which I thought was a really cute nickname.

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    I was just thinking the other day that Colleen would be SUPER cute on a little girl! I think it is a dated name in most people's eyes though, all the Colleens I know are in their 40s and 50s. But it's along the lines of Cosette, Colette... I think it could work.
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    I see Greta on here a lot, but only because I'm always on the lookout for it. It's on my own list, so I'm always interested to see when other people like it.

    Irene was on my list for quite a while... I don't even remember why I took it off, now.

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    What I suggest depends largely on the names or style of the poster. If they like Scandinavian/German names, I would put Carl/Karl on the list. If they like unisex Irish surnames, then I would mention Casey. Personally, I don't think Warden isn't a great word for a name (prison warden is the first image). In the past, I've suggested Frida (mainly this spelling due to the artist Frida Kahlo), Irene and Greta.
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    Carl - Hm, it's ok. Bordering "old man" (more like middle aged man I guess) for me.
    Warden - I don't like it because it makes me think of a warden of a prison.
    Casey - I think boys can still wear this fine. This was my senior prom date's name :-) The girl I knew with this name spelled it Kasey.

    Sally - It's not bad. Not a favorite of mine but I like it.
    Monica - Like it.
    Greta - I really like this name. It's sorta cute but not cutesy, and it's just "different" enough for me.
    Colleen - It's ok.
    Eileen - Not bad.
    Frieda - NMS at all.
    Lois - I don't really like it but it also reminds me of my fiance's obnoxious coworker.
    Irene - It's ok. Pretty neutral on this name.
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