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  • Mahima Anne

    3 3.80%
  • Taisie Arlene

    1 1.27%
  • Tindra Daisy

    6 7.59%
  • Kalila Louise

    15 18.99%
  • Olwen Louise

    8 10.13%
  • Jing Anne

    0 0%
  • Darsha Helen

    2 2.53%
  • Astrid Louise

    35 44.30%
  • Kalida Arlene

    6 7.59%
  • Shanti Louise

    3 3.80%
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    Wink Back at it, opinions wanted on these names

    Still looking for a name for Indira Sarah's sister. Meaning of names is very important to us. Our names have been narrowed down as follows, please rate these names. Any feedback is welcome.

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    I would also like the combo Kalida Louise- to me Kalila Louise is a bit "L" heavy.
    I liked Taisie- but prefer it as Taisie Louise.

    Especially as your other DD has a 'classic' MN, I think follow that model again.

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    I voted for Kalila, but I also love Olwen; they just feel very different from one another. What about Kalinda?
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    I voted for Olwen Louise, but I think Tindra Daisy is equally beautiful. Astrid Louise is lovely as well.
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    Tindra Daisy is enchanting, but I voted for Kalila Louise. Liked the ring of it.
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