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    Nicknames and Concerns for Violet

    Hello berries! We're still two weeks away from finding out the sex of the baby, but that won't stop this nerd from her pursuit of the perfect name. The other day I came up with the combination Violet Sofia (girls names are much harder for me for some reason) and I love the vintage charm. But as always, there are concerns. I'd love to read your thoughts!

    Is it okay to have a first name that is an adjective when our last name is Katz? Do you picture purple cats when you hear the name? DH thinks that's nuts, but I actively had the name off my list for months for this reason.

    I really dislike the name Vivian (I know most people here are into it), and that makes me not like the nicknames Vi, Viva, etc. What other nicknames work for Violet? I thought of Via, any others. Just like many of you, an awesome nickname is a must for me!

    Does the name make you think of the word "violent"?

    Is it weird to have a first name that doesn't have special meaning to us? Sofia is after my grandfather Sol who was a lawyer and very wise. But Violet is just sweet.

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