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    Carrie or Carolina?

    I need some help!

    I'm a writer and I've used Nameberry several times to choose character names, and now I'm about to get published for the first time! I only have one problem: MY NAME.

    Carolina Kley, Portuguese and then Dutch, no middle name, pronounced Cah-ro-lee-na (as in Carolina Herrera) Kl-eh-ee, often misprononced as in North or South Carolina, and "Klee".

    I really love my name and I'm proud of my heritage, but I thought an easier name would help, so I thought of Carrie, my nickname, Carrie Kley. I don't really care when people say Kley wrong, because my gradfather, whose father was Dutch, often said it in different ways, so it doesn't really bother me, but Carolina really does, so maybe an easy to pronounce nickname would do the trick.

    So I thought of Carrie Kley, but then it sounds weird because the two names are pretty much the same length... I've considering making a new name up. Please help!

    What do you think of Carolina Kley? And Carrie Kley? And perhaps adding a made up middle name, Carrie Brooklyn Kley?

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    I say keep your name, people will catch on.

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    I agree! Carolina Kley is absolutely gorgeous, and really striking. As a name nerd and a hopeful-novelist, I always look at the names of the authors when I pick up a book. Carolina Kley sounds so much more dignified and interesting than Carrie Kley. If you're that afraid of people butchering your name, then I would consider something like Cara Kley or Caroline Kley... but honestly, I think Carolina Kley is best.

    Good luck!
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    What about Lina/Lena?

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