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Thread: Adelvice

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    Oh dear. Someone get that off the site before it gives people yooneek ideas >.>

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    Ha! When I saw the post title, I thought some punny person was asking for ad-vice on Adele......
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    Quote Originally Posted by jmo2 View Post
    I would agree with you, except that, the musical/movie Sound of Music has made that very familiar to English countries.
    This is the only reason I know it exists, and I took German for a year.

    Adelvice is how I spelled it in my head for YEARS until someone corrected me, because I had the occasion to use it in a conversation with a fellow Sound of Music fan who was housing a German exchange student at the time.

    I don't see at all how this is a version of Adelaide, unless someone saw Adelaide and decided 'Hey, ya know, I like the beginning, but would rather change the ending to something with a bit more of a negative connotation.'

    Edelweiss is a much prettier spelling anyway, an accomplishment for a German word. I think it would be quite usable as a name with the actual spelling; people would get used to it and learn a bit of German pronunciation/spelling at the same time. Everyone wins!
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    It doesn't even look like it spells Edelweiss to me, it just looks like someone made it up. Maybe Aidlevice instead
    I have to say, though, that being on a census record doesn't make it a name, IMO - just because one person couldn't spell Edelweiss in the past (or even several people - hey, they didn't have internet) doesn't make it legitimate. I don't know where the line should be drawn, because obviously there's no hard and fast rules for names, but ... this just seems wrong.

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    Quote Originally Posted by missmolly View Post
    Ha! When I saw the post title, I thought some punny person was asking for ad-vice on Adele......
    To be honest, I just thought someone completely butchered the word "advice." (Sorry, jamie!)

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