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    I would ask her first, to see if she minds.
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    I think you definitely need to run it by your friend. They may have had three children since his death but they still morn him every single day. Very touchy area. If you ask, I'm sure she will say it's okay. If you don't ask and name him that then she will be hurt.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ellenelle View Post
    If it were really uncommon, like Abraxas or Willoughby, I would urge caution. Logan, however, is enjoying use by lots of new parents, so I don't think it should be so big a deal. Talking to her would probably be the right thing to do if you are concerned about hurting her feelings or bringing up old pain. However, there's always the potential that she would get upset and tell you not to use it. Then if you decided it was the only name that works, you'd seem like a jerk for using it anyway... I guess it comes down to how much you want to use it vs. how much you really value what she thinks despite them living far away and not being that close anymore. So I agree that talking with her about it is probably the best route, but would prepare for disappointment.

    Also there are lots of great boys' names like Logan: Lachlan/Locklan, Lincoln, Larkin, Latham, Lawson, Lleyton, Liam... But I understand if they don't have quite the same appeal. Sometimes the name just clicks.
    Agree with this. If it was an uncommon name I would maybe look for another name. But Logan is pretty popular (I know 3 or 4 under the age of 10). I would just ask your friends what they think. That way they at least have a heads up that you are considering the name. Since you only see each other once a year, then it may not big that big a deal. And they run into plenty of other Logan's when your family isn't there...

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    DEFINATELY ask first! Losing a child is heartbreaking and it 'could' seem like a cruel joke to her that your Logan is happy and healthy while hers passed away. Having gone through it myself i dont think you ever fully heal from that kind of pain but you do move on. That being said when you ask her it wont be unnusual for her to react with anger or sadness as an initial reaction. If a close friend said they were using my girl's name for their baby i know logically it would be okay for them to use the name but emotionally i would find it very difficult to deal with and my initial reaction might not be great. i dont talk about the baby i lost much anymore (though i think of her every night) but when i see or hear the name Tessa it fills me with so many crazy emotions. Even when i see people talking about it on here i get this weird possessive thought "but its MY girls' name' and feel irrational annoyed at whoever is considering it!

    If you ask her and talk to her she might actually be okay with it from the get go or she might take time to adjust. also a good question to ask if will this put more distance between you and her? you were good friends before and you say you are not so close now but will this make the gap between you bigger?

    i too love the name Logan and i can see your dilemna...if the name 'clicks' then you are going to have to be strong. you dont know anything though until you have spoken to her.
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    I don't know that there is a "right" answer in this situation. It would be very tough to be in her shoes, if you ask her and she feels that she should be okay with it (but maybe feels conflicted, secretly). On the other hand, it isn't an uncommon name.

    Just in case you end up looking for other boys' L names to fall in love with, how about Lachlan or Lyndon?
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