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    If it were me, I would find another name. You could ask your friend, but it would be hard for them to tell you no and might really resent even being asked. It would be a constant reminder to them, that their little Logan is not with them anymore. I think that the kindest action would be to find a name that didn't cause additional pain to loved ones.

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    Logan is a common enough name that I think it's fine.

    If it was a ocmpletely out there name then I think the connection would be much more obvious.

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    I wouldn't do it without talking to your friend first. If it's something that is going to be super upsetting to them, you have to ask yourself whether using that particular name is more important than that friendship OR more important than your friends' feelings.

    Also, like Mischa said, you have to consider the association for you and your husband.

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    I would ask before using the name.

    Some names to consider:

    Landon (long hill)
    Lanford (narrow way)
    Langston (tall mans town)
    Leander (lion man)
    Leif (heir, descendant)
    Lennon (small cloak or cape)
    Lennox (elm grove)
    Leonidas (lion)
    Levi (joined, attached)
    Leopold (brave people)
    Lionel (young lion)
    Llewellyn (resembling a lion)
    Loch (lake)
    Loew (lion)
    Loewy (brave person)
    Lonan (blackbird)
    Lorcan (little, fierce)
    Loren (from Laurentium)
    Lowell (young wolf)
    Lyndon (linden tree hill)
    Lysander (liberator)

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    Hmmm tough one.

    I think it is a great name.
    If you were very involved and close when their Logan was he was born and passed away then I think I would err towards saying no to using it at all.
    If on the other hand your relationship had become more distant by that time then maybe yes. But I do think it would be polite to mention it to them.
    Since you only see them once a year I think it should be OK- except if you are in frequent contact- For example on Facebook- I imagine if I were them I would not like to see lots of photos of a new little Logan if I had lost my own son named Logan. If you did that it might break the friendship.

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