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    My instinct is to say why don't you ask your friend? Of course, if you so that you're opening yourself up to her saying that she would be hurt, and then you really can't use it. Even so, that's probably what I would do.

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    I personally wouldn't feel comfortable doing it, but if you are fine with it then I say just ask to be on the safe side.

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    I agree with the previous posters. Whether you approach it as asking for their blessing or just as a head's up that you're planning on using it is up to you, but it will be easier to decide what to do if you know how they feel about it instead of trying to guess. It might help to explain that you've had a hard time agreeing on a name and complimenting their taste in choosing it in the first place.

    My grandfather got the name fn/ln combo of his deceased brother, which I find much creepier since everyone in the family, including older siblings, all had that link to the name. With your situation, there's distance between you and them. They may feel hurt or they may feel like a little piece of their son is living on. It's really tough to know, and I'm sure they'll appreciate you considering their feelings by discussing it/letting them know ahead of time.

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    I would mention to your friend that you love the name Logan and would like to give the name to your son. Since it's such a popular name I personally don't feel that there should be any hurt feelings over it, but you never know. I don't think you need your friend's permission to use Logan, but I do think you should at least mention it to her before the birth announcement.

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    I agree with most previous posters. It is probably fine, just discuss with your friend before the birth announcement. An email might be best initially to broach the topic....just so she has time to digest it and think about it before responding. Good luck!

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