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    POLL: Barrett vs. Keenan

    We are having trouble deciding between two names. We like both Barrett and Keenan, but I slightly prefer one, while my husband slightly prefers the other. I also have slight reservations about both names, but they aren't enough to take them out of consideration. Barrett is the brand of a sniper rifle, and Keenan seems a little too close to a lot of the trendy names right now to me. But like I said, it's not enough for me to totally take them off my list. The middle name will be Garland (family name), and our last name is one syllable and starts with H.

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    Neither name is my style and neither is ideal with the mn Garland but I voted for Barrett. Have you considered Bennett?
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    I voted Keenan simply because I feel it's a lot more gentle than Barrett (and a gun related name is sorta iffy), though either name is a good choice. I like that idea of the family middle name, but Kennan Garland H sounds like too many Ns and Barrett Garland H is a mouthful.

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    mischa I like your suggestion very much.

    Another option is Keaton if you want a K name.


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    Yeah, the middle name is not ideal in any way, but I'm working with 6 generations of Garlands here. The middle name will be Garland. We've considered Bennett. It's actually my second choice, but it's farther down on the list for my husband. We aren't particurly wanting a K name. I'm not even sure where my husband came up with Keenan, but I'll run Keaton by him.

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