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    Our Little Boy <3 And the Method of our Madness!!

    Sorry this is a little late, but we welcomed our Son into the world on September 20, 2012 (a mere -haha- 8 days after his due date! He is the youngest of three and the last of the "Wolf" males in our family, thankfully the name lives on!
    And without further adue - We named our long awaited Boy...

    Briar Hawthorne Wolf, Brother to Lillian Evangeline Wolf and Violet Abigale Wolf

    Now we have had our girls' names picked out and set in stone before we ever found out whether Lillian (the oldest) was a boy or girl. So throughout the prgnancies of the girls it seemed as though we could never settle on a boy name, after having violet we did "decide" but that quickly fell apart as that name became popular, and the second choice was too "stero-typical" and of a negative connotation. Well as the date drew nearer to the FAS we still couldn't decide and we figured once we cut the options in half boy/girl it should get easier, right? Wrong, we had a very stubborn baby who was very private! SO that didn't help, but seeing as we are very much in love with our daughters' names we really wanted to stay "true" to the method/meaning/maddness LOL of our choices. A little history..

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    Congrats! Briar is a cool name
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    Congratulations and a little boy after two girls, that's lovely. He has a strong nature name I was wondering what his nn is?


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    Wow! This is probably my favorite sibset I have ever come across. Congratulations!
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    Our Little Boy <3 And the Method of our Madness!! Continued

    Lillian Evangeline Wolf
    My family ( Her Maternal, and My Paternal side) held the last name VanderLily before coming over to the america's. Once here their name changed to Lily. This was to be a tribute to my Father and that side of the family. Now the first mutual thought of the name was the biggest factor - we literally wanted to talk (for the first REAL time) about names at the same moment, and low-and-behold we had "Lillian" <3 Evangeline was to be a tribute to my other family (Her Maternal, and My Maternal) We were raised as Lutherans and Attend and Went to school at Trinity Lutheran Evangelical Church and School, Even some of my Aunts and uncles went to the school in the 80's - It was our Family Church.

    Violet Abligale Wolf
    Well Violet was named well before she was even considered, about 2.5yrs before she was concieved. Violet is a tribute to my husband's "surrogate" grandfather, (he was a Great Uncle whom cared for and acted as a Father to my Father-in-law) as well as his Wife, Violet's actual name-sake. She was called "Ma Violet" and was the life and hit of the party(or church) she is said to be a small and petite person who could command the very soul of the people and things around her (in a respect and adoration way) And in this seemingly fragile person was a dinosaur of an adittude - something that has carried over to my daughter. Even (i hear, as i did not have the honor of meeting her) her mannerisms and simple way she holds her self is extremely reminiscent of Ma Violet. This was a very awesome thing we were able to do for a couple whom had such an impact on our family. What is insane is that Papa Jim (the Husband) had actually been the first to ask my husband if we were expecting, and this was fairly early on, so it was a simple yes - nothing to the affect of the name or even sex of the baby. We were so excited to tell him after we found out she was a girl and we would be able to honor them in this way, but we decided to keep it private as we had up comoing nuptuials that we didn't want to overshadow. Sadly our Papa Jim passed away only a mere week or two after we found out and three weeks before the wedding. We were not able to tell him in person, but he recieved the first announcement including a full explaination of the name, and a cute sonogram with her name in a sealed envelope in his casket <3 It is my belief that He and Ma Violet were able to visit with her before she was brought fully into this earthly world. Abigale was a mutual favorite of mine and my husbands. No real family connection, the spelling was a controversy (that I won) but ill get back to that later.

    Briar Hawthorne Wolf
    Well Briar was not a tribute to anything, but more a complete MUTUAL LOVE-AT-FIRST-SIGHT, we had been serching for any name that we could agree on. All of our Family "male" names were on the "no-go" list so we were basically starting from scratch! Except for the certain quality that our daughters' names possesed (and the first thing most notice) "Flower Names" again - NOT really, they were very clearly chosen as family names and it was a happy coincidence that they were both flowers too. SO we cannot very well name a BOY after a flower (no matter how masculine) so we looked for things under headings like "Trees" and ultimately "Botanical" so there we found the name Briar, and just as quickly fell in love as we found Hawthorn(e) - still though we did not know the sex at this point and we started back up trying to figure of an acceptable girls name. That was just terror! Finally my husband decleared that The boy name would be "Briar Hawthorne" and the girl name would be "Briar Rose." Somtething i found slightly troubling seeing as that is the name of Princess Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) and I thought this would be the most perfect example of irony - because (both girls look exactly like their daddy) this name would either be a curse or extremely ironic. A curse in the fact that she would be destined to have Blonde Hair and Blue eyes (as the princess does, and my husband). Or Ironic in that the other girls looked like daddy and this one with a Blonde/Blue namesake was, would be Brown Hair and Brown eyes (like myself). Hawthorne had no other connection except that we LOVED it and it fit perfectly, and would tie into the "Botanical" theme with a vintage charm.

    The "E"
    My husband refused to let his name "burden" our children, as you can see he didnt like his name. But i felt that they needed somehting to attruibute to their dad. Therefore we have Evangeline, Abligale and Hawthorne, all three ending in "E." Thier Fathers name is Ethan.Evangeline, naturally ended in an "E" no trouble there. Abigale was a different story. My husband wanted the other, claimed more traditional, spelling of "Abigail." I protested because of the "E," there wasnt one in that name at all, this was not suitable. To avoid andy silly spelling we finally decided to go with "Abigale" still traditional, with the inclusive "E." Hawthorne was easy, seeing as we had this tradition clearly evident in the other children we decided to go forward witht the silent"E" as is actually commonly found on the proper noun of "Hawthorne" (So end of story I won, they are all named after their daddy, LOL)

    Tell me what you think of our "sib-set" and i woiuld love to hear of other berrie's lo's names that maybe be the same or similar to ours!!

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