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    Dec 2012
    1st Generation

    DH: Clarence Sanderson
    DW: Louise Elizabeth Sanderson
    - DS1: Anthony Sanderson "Tony"
    - DD1: Irene Beatrice Sanderson
    - DD2: Alice May Sanderson
    - DS2: John Thomas Sanderson


    2nd Generation

    DS1: Anthony Sanderson "Tony"
    DW: Margaret Sanderson "Margie"
    - DGS1: Theodore Sanderson "Theo"

    DD1: Irene Beatrice Sanderson-Winters
    DH: Samuel Winters "Sam"
    - DGD1: Anna Maria Winters

    DD2: Alice May Sanderson-Green
    DH: Victor Green "Vic"
    - DGD2: Theresa Green "Teri"

    DS2: John Thomas Sanderson
    DW1: Simone Sanderson
    - DGS2: Tyne Sanderson
    - DGD3: Dorothy Claire Sanderson "Dottie"
    DW2: Katherine Sanderson "Kate"
    - DGD4: Joanne Sanderson "Jo"


    3rd Generation

    DGS1: Theodore Sanderson "Theo"
    DW: Tamar Sanderson
    - DGGS1: Angeline Sanderson "Angie"

    DGD1: Anna Maria Winters-Hoffer
    DH1: Kevin Lewis Hoffer
    - DGGD1: Zara Eveline Hoffer
    DH2: Timothy Gerard Trinidad "Tim"
    - DGGD2: Isabelle Eve Trinidad

    DGD2: Theresa Green
    - DGGD3: Lauren Green

    DGS2: Tyne Sanderson
    DW: Lorraine Sanderson "Lori"
    - DGGD4: Shayla Elise Sanderson
    - DGGD5: Adrianne Lucille Sanderson

    DGD3: Dorothy Claire Sanderson-Anaya "Dottie"
    DH: Rafael Anaya

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    Sep 2011
    1st Generation

    DH: Caspar
    DW: Lydia Emeline
    - DS1: Aldo
    - DD1: Isla Bridget
    - DD2: Alyssa Maeve "Maeve"
    - DS2: Jonah Tyler


    2nd Generation

    DS1: Aldo
    DW: Marissa
    - DGS1: Thaddeus *Teddy*

    DD1: Isla Bridget
    DH: Silas
    - DGD1: Anne Mercedes "Sadie"

    DD2: Alyssa Maeve "Maeve"
    DH: Valentin
    - DGD2: Tessa

    DS2: Jonah Thomas
    DW1: Susannah
    - DGS2: Thomas
    - DGD3: Deanna Claire
    DW2: Kendra
    - DGD4: Junia


    3rd Generation

    DGS1: Thaddeus *Teddy*
    DW: Tobi
    - DGGS1: Amadeo

    DGD1: Anne Mercedes "Sadie"
    DH1: Kellan Lucas
    - DGGD1: Zoe Eden
    DH2: Tucker George
    - DGGD2: Isadora Eden

    DGD2: Tessa
    - DGGD3: Luna

    DGS2: Thomas
    DW: Luciana
    - DGGD4: Simone Elise *Simi*
    - DGGD5: Arabella Lucille

    DGD3: Deanna Claire
    DH: Rhys
    Ansel Paladin, Augustus Oak, Christian Laszlo, Elliot Nile, Etienne Rhodes, Ford Remington, Julian Denali, Otto River, Ronan Jeffrey, Theodore Rune
    Esmae Sakura, Evangeline Coral, Hazel Amity, Heidi Snow, Hermione Mabel, Linnea Valkyrie, Oona Bliss, Phoebe Calla, Scarlet Peace, Thisbe Margaret

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    Oct 2012
    South Carolina
    1st Generation

    DH: Charles
    DW: Laura Emily
    - DS1: Anthony
    - DD1: Irma Beatrice
    - DD2: Anna Marie "Marie"
    - DS2: Joseph Thomas


    2nd Generation

    DS1: Anthony
    DW: Martha
    - DGS1: Theodore

    DD1: Irma Beatrice
    DH: Samuel
    - DGD1: Alice Mabry "Shorty"

    DD2: Anna Marie "Marie"
    DH: Victor
    - DGD2: Tabitha

    DS2: Joseph Thomas
    DW1: Sarah
    - DGS2: Timothy
    - DGD3: Dorothy Cara
    DW2: Kimberly
    - DGD4: Jennifer


    3rd Generation

    DGS1: Theodore
    DW: Tessa
    - DGGS1: Arthur

    DGD1: Alice Mabry "Shorty"
    DH1: Kelvin Lee
    - DGGD1: Zelia Elizabeth
    DH2: Trevor Gregory
    - DGGD2: Imogen Elise

    DGD2: Tabitha
    - DGGD3: Lindsey

    DGS2: Timothy
    DW: Leah
    - DGGD4: Samantha Elaine
    - DGGD5: Amanda Leanne

    DGD3: Dorothy Cara
    DH: Roger

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    Jan 2012
    1st Generation

    DH: Cole
    DW: Lucy Elaine
    - DS1: Alec
    - DD1: Isabelle Blythe "Belle"
    - DD2: Adelynn Margo "Margo"
    - DS2: James Theodore


    2nd Generation

    DS1: Alec
    DW: Mattie
    - DGS1: Tyler

    DD1: Belle
    DH: Sean
    - DGD1: Alexandria Madeleine "Sissy"

    DD2: Margo
    DH: Vinny
    - DGD2: Taryn

    DS2: John
    DW1: Sarah
    - DGS2: Tanner
    - DGD3: Delilah Caroline
    DW2: Krysta
    - DGD4: Jamie


    3rd Generation

    DGS1: Tyler
    DW: Taya
    - DGGS1: Aiden

    DGD1: Sissy
    DH1: Kendrick Lucas "Kenny"
    - DGGD1: Zyra Elysia
    DH2: Travis Gabriel
    - DGGD2: Isabeau Evie "Beau"

    DGD2: Taryn
    - DGGD3: Lux

    DGS2: Tanner
    DW: Lindsey
    - DGGD4: Sawyer Emily
    - DGGD5: August Lilly

    DGD3: Delilah
    DH: Ryan

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    1st Generation
    DH: Chet Reymond
    DW: Lucia Elspeth
    - DS1: August Tobiah
    - DD1: Ione Brea
    - DD2: Adria Millie "Millie"
    - DS2: Jasper Theodore


    2nd Generation

    DS1: August Tobiah
    DW: Maisie Clement
    - DGS1: Tennison Caspar

    DD1: Ione Brea
    DH: Stellan Park
    - DGD1: Arnabelle Madeleine "Suzie Q"

    DD2: Adria Millie "Millie"
    DH: Vander Samuel
    - DGD2: Tansy Kaya

    DS2: Jasper Theodore
    DW1: Scarlette Elizabeth
    - DGS2: Tavee Sayer
    - DGD3: Dihana Carris
    DW2: Karlia Janie
    - DGD4: Jesakeira Fleur


    3rd Generation

    DGS1: Tennison Caspar
    DW: Tasmyn Alana
    - DGGS1: Alixandr Chet

    DGD1: Arnabelle Madeleine "Suzie Q"
    DH1: Kristof Lincoln
    - DGGD1: Zophia Edie
    DH2: Tyler Gage
    - DGGD2: Isobella Ellory

    DGD2: Tansy Kaya
    - DGGD3: Lucienne Elena

    DGS2: Tavee Sayer
    DW: Louise Alexandra
    - DGGD4: Sacha Enid
    - DGGD5: Amber Lucia

    DGD3: Dihana Carris
    DH: Ren Alexender

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