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    I love Alaric for you. I remember that you had the name on your list earlier. Also, I love Tiberius.
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    renrose Guest
    I really like Alaric. It's quirky without being too out there.

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    My favourite off your list is Orpheus.

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    Thank you! So no one likes Pelleas and Marinell?

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    Alaric - Love it. Is on my sister's list so it's not on mine, but I really like it.

    Hector - This is cool. It's a bit loaded for me, (In my hometown it is reasonable that the reaction of my friends/family would rotate around "stripedsocks, you don't even SPEAK Spanish...") but I think it's really usable in the UK.

    Roland - Adore this.

    Tiberius - I love this, but I possibly like Thaddeus and Lazarus more. Tobias is probably downright boring/mainstream to you?

    I find Orville pretty unusable but like Oisin and Eoin so maybe I'm not to be trusted.

    Seneca would bug me a lot but I associate it with the Iroquois tribe and I find all those Dakota/Cheyenne type names a bit disturbing and appropriative. But I assume you're going for the Roman philosopher... there are just a lot of other Roman names I like more.

    Pelleas reminds me of Peregrine and Pallas, which I'm fond of, but I'd probably keep them middle names.

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