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    Name for Baby Boy... One More Time Please!

    I thought we were done, but no... really sorry to do this again but here we go.

    My boyfriend was a bit on the fence with Faramir and now he doesn't want it anymore, and i had the most awful pregnancy dream about Gawain and I can't use that name now. So I found some names I'm really excited about, and I'd just like to hear what you think. Some I threw out and I can't for the life of me remember why, and some new ones I never considered before. Thanks so much!

    Alaric - eliminated
    Artegal - eliminated
    Cicero - eliminated
    Galileo - eliminated
    Hector - eliminated
    Hermes - eliminated
    Hylas - eliminated
    Lorand/Roland - eliminated
    Marinell - eliminated
    Orville - eliminated
    Ovid - eliminated
    Pelleas - eliminated
    Rodomante - eliminated
    Seneca - elimintaed
    Tiberius - eliminated
    - eliminated

    Suggestions are also welcome, but only if they're terrific!

    Our other boy names are Endymion, Herne and Orpheus.

    edit: updated list + added Faramond. UPDATED LIST AT PAGE 6, POST # 55.
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