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Thread: Aloysius

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    How on earth do you pronounce Aloysius. I just saw it run across the NameBerry banner. My only experience with it is as the name of Sebastian Flyte's stuffed bear in Brideshead Revisited. I've seen 2 film adaptations and I think they may have pronounced it differently in both.

    When I read the book, I think I pronounced it Al-oy-zee-us, realized that couldn't possibly be a name and decided it must be Al-oh-ee-shuss but I think neither are correct. Does anyone know?
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    I pronounce it a-loe-ISH-uhs, and I'm British. I know it's pronounced differently in Germany (ah-loi-ZEE-uws).
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    I would say 'ah-loee-zee-uss'
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    The correct way to pronounce it Al-ah-wish-es. I say Al-U-wish-es. That was my Italian Grandfathers middle name. When I first saw it I had no idea how to say it until I asked my Grandmother. Its a saint which is nice but I would think twice about naming your child that. Teachers, will never get that one right.
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    Al-oh-WISH-us / Al-low-ISH-us (I'm Australian)
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