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    Haha ok, then consider those my votes! There is something about Seneca that just doesn't sit right with me. It may be the Native American thing, though I know that isn't really an issue for you, or the Nero thing (or both?) but I just can't get behind this name.

    Roland has always been a favorite of mine. For some reason it just gives off that delicious "wintery" vibe. I have re-occuring mental images of twins named Roland and Desmond (not mine, or yours, but in theory). Though it does seem perhaps a bit tame for you guys.

    The same thought also applies to Hector. Yes, he was a great hero, but the name by itself is much more mainstream and probably fits better into your combos as a middle name choice. Also, this may just be based on some of my own weird personal baggage reasons, but I don't find the idea of a blonde/blue-eyed Hector strange at all?

    I do like Tiberius. Overall it seems like the best fit with your other top choices, but then again you run into the issue of Tiberius' ending creating a potential problem for a little future Orpheus... which I think is a very big no-no.

    Altair has a lovely sound and meaning and might be a good fit for #5, but I am only slightly familiar with it so I don't feel qualified to judge it yet, until I've had time to consider it more. I may still prefer Aquila? I tend to forget there are star names besides Sirius... =]

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    Roland and Hector are my favorites. The rest are a bit strange in my opinion.
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    Thank you, amy, emma, bladey and shannon. Rolanad, Hector and Seneca are out. I still love Tiberius, but it is too close to Orpheus which I really want to use someday.

    I think we've decided on Altair and Remiel. Remiel was sessh's suggestion a while ago, it suddenly popped into my head and I think it is gorgeous. The other option is Faramond which is so romantic and striking.
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    Ooh good choices! I will mourn Tiberius, but Altair and Remiel are wonderful. Those beautifully placed double vowels in both... And Faramond is regal yet soft. I think of farro, the grain.. fields of wheat. Plus "mond," a world, like the tiny planet that the Little Prince lived on.. Remember the part about the Fox seeing the Prince in wheat fields?

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    Great choices. What are your thoughts for combinations?

    Incidentally Remiel, too, is in no way a religious name. He was mentioned in Jewish folklore but was never mainstreamed.

    You have such diverse sourcing for your names: Jewish folklore, Arabic, Greek mythology, British mythology...
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