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Thread: MN for Mica

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    MN for Mica

    I've recently been obsession over the name Mica (pronounced My-cah). I've seen that recently its been a hot girls' name, but I really perfer it on a boy. I find it to be a very attractive and masculine name.
    (I also like Micah (Mee-cah), though Mica is preferred.)
    Anyway, I can't seem th find a nice, unique flowing middle name.
    Any suggestions?

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    Mica is a type of rock; Micah is a Hebrew boys' name.

    Mica could also be mispronounced 'meeka'. But if you're sure that you prefer this spelling, I'd pair it with something unambiguously masculine; nothing starting with A.

    Mica(h) Christopher
    Mica Bartholomew
    Mica Barnaby
    Mica Constantine
    Mica Demetrius
    Mica Dennison
    Mica Dominic
    Mica Donovan
    MIca Elliott
    Mica Emmanuel
    Mca Everett
    Mica Finnegan
    Mica Francisco
    Mica Giovanni
    Mica Harrison
    MIca Jonathan
    Mica Julius
    MIca Leopold
    Mica Nathaniel
    Mica Remington
    Mica Robinson
    Mica Sebastian
    Mica Santiago
    MIca Theodore
    MIca Valentino
    Mica Zachary
    Mica Zebulon

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    I love this name for a BOY name- the new trend is to name girls this name is a shame . I feel for all the boys that now have to deal with girls having their name ( MICA) Please do not feminize this name. Please, Please do not do this. ITS a Boy name and a very Biblical name.

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