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Thread: Luther

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    I like Luther! Do you have Martin Luther in mind? I think Luke as a middle name for one child and Luther as a first name for another child is fine. Luther Amos is my favorite of your combos.

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    I just love the name Luther. It's handsome and dignified, and familiar but not common. Plus, it fits it perfectly with all the other popular -er boy names.

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    I find it a viscerally creepy name.

    I am really very fond of Amos and Micah, and Luke is handsome, but Luther is just plain ominous to me.

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    My 10 month old son's name is Luther Wolf. We loved the name because:
    1. Uncommon but well known
    2. Easy to spell and pronounce
    3. My hubby has German heritage
    4. Like the meaning of the name
    5. Has a lot of good associations
    6. Sounds badass and masculine, lol

    I love the name, and I think using Luther as a first name for one child while using Luke as a middle name for another is fine.

    @stripedsocks - just curious why you think it is creepy and ominous? I feel a little insulted.

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