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    Middle name for Declan

    Hi Berries,

    I've posted several times for advice on what to name a third little boy if ever we had one and your great advice led us to Declan. Now I am finally expecting my third baby (yay!) We will not find out what the baby is before he/she is born. If she is a girl, we are going to name her Claire Elizabeth. If he's a boy, I think we are fairly decided on Declan. I love that it is an Irish name (our others sons names are Scottish and English, and our combined heritages are Irish, Scottish, English, and French). My only concern with Declan is that my oldest son's name is Logan and I hadn't really wanted 2 names with the same ending. But DH loves the name and so I think it is the one.

    Now I need to some help with a middle name for little Declan. My other sons middle names are Michael and Patrick. I really like the idea of having another middle that matches these two. Some names that we can't (or won't) use for a variety of reasons are: William, Thomas, James, and, Jonathan.

    The name I would like to use is Andrew. I think it fits perfectly with Michael and Patrick. My only concern is that Declan ends in -an and Andrew starts with the same sound. What do you guys think if it? I've said it out loud and not found it problematic, but I'm not sure if maybe I'm missing something. DH is not completely on board with Andrew (apparently he knew an Andrew once that he really didn't like). However, DH is also not really contributing any other names for consideration, so I am thinking, unless you Berries can help me come up with another middle name that we can both like, I will just decide on Andrew and not worry too much about what he thinks.

    Can you tell me what you think of Declan Andrew? Do you think the repeating sounds are problematic? Do you think it flows well? Or can you think of another name that would work better with Declan?

    Sorry that this post is so long! Thanks in advance for your help!

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    I think Declan Andrew sounds good and the repeating sounds wouldn't be an issue for me.

    With Michael and Patrick my instinct was Declan Joseph. Good luck!
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    The vowels are different, even though they're both spelt "an." It's more DECK-lun AAN-drew, if that makes sense. Since Declan is emphasized so strongly on the first syllable, it doesn't sound like too much of a stutter.

    Other thoughts:

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    I think Declan Andrew sounds fine too. Like Blade said, the AN sounds are different in both.

    Just in case you decide to go with something else, how about:

    Declan John
    Declan Charles
    Declan Philip
    Declan Arthur
    Declan Oliver
    Declan Miles
    Declan Matthew
    Declan Robert
    Declan Samuel
    Declan Thomas
    Declan Xavier
    Declan Jude
    Declan August
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    Thank you for the input. I'm glad that you all think that Declan Andrew sounds fine. I really do like it myself and am hoping to convince DH that it is the best combo.

    From the others that have been suggested I like Matthew, Samuel and Oliver. I know that DH doesn't like Oliver and we know a lot of Matthews, so that one might be out. Samuel could be a good option if I really can't convince him on Andrew. I'll have to see what he thinks of it.

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