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    Scandinavian middle names

    I have a son named Rhys Owen, and I'm currently expecting a baby boy in the spring. We're nearly 100% set on using the name Anders Benjamin, but we thought it might be interesting to look around for a Scandinavian middle name since Rhys' full name is so heavily Welsh. If possible, we'd like it to be something people can pronounce fairly easily or something that is somewhat familiar to people (e.g. Kristian, Lars, Sven, Odin).

    Any suggestions?

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    What is the first name going to be?

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    Here is a list to the top Swedish names. http://svenskanamn.alltforforaldrar....atistics/2/0/0

    A few ideas...
    Anders Erik
    Anders Karl
    Anders Olof
    Anders Peter
    Anders Fredrik
    Anders Leif
    Anders Björn
    Anders Axel (Although the initials AA may not be ideal... but how often do you really use just first and middle initials)
    Anders Thomas (or Tomas)
    Anders David
    Anders Oskar (or Oscar)

    One of my friends here (I live in Sweden) has a little boy called Benjamin (although it is pronounced Bee-in-ya-meen here) so that isn't unheard of here either if you really want to go with it.

    Good luck!
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    My favourites with Anders...

    Tobias, Marius, Sverre, Vetle, Trym, Johannes, Sigurd, Haakon, Mikkel, Ludvig, Iver, Brage, Eskil, Erling, Ole/Olle, Melvin, Wilmer, Emil, Melker, Ville, Rasmus, Malthe, Vilgot, Hampus, Vidar, Sigge, Tage, Sivert, Svein, Villads
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