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    Looking For Names

    I've been looking at all of the name lists and blog posts and advice here on Nameberry for a while, but am new to the forums. We are expecting our fifth and final child in late May/early June 2013. Our other children are called Sarah Marie Wren (age 9), Daniel Everett Brown (age 7), and the twins, Oscar James and Mason Jeffrey (age 3). We have a traditional style and after looking for a few weeks, here are my top names in order, many of which Husband loathes:

    Jack - I love this and would use it in a heartbeat, but Husband dislikes it
    Lincoln - Simply adore it, but Husband says it's too president and last-name-y
    Jacob - So we picked Mason, which is #2, and Daniel, which is #10, and Sarah, which is #39 and everyone says it very plain, but for some reason, I don't think I could actually bring myself to pick the #1 name. Maybe it's something to do with spending time on Nameberry and realizing just how popular Mason and Daniel and Sarah and Oscar are. Would you use it if you loved it? Husband is sold, I love the actual name but feel uncertain.
    Matthew - one of my top names for a while, but do Matthew and Mason feel like we're trying to match?
    Ronan - Husband and I both like it, but I'm worried about Ronan and Mason ending in the same sound
    Theodore - nickname Theo, but my issue is that I prefer just Theo, not the full Theodore, but I don't know if it's OK to use Theo as a complete first name
    Ian - we both like this but I'm worried about the similarity to Mason (Husband doesn't seem to think this is an issue)
    Scott - Husband suggested it and I think it's cute, but am worried about Sarah and Scott and would prefer Jack for a one-syllable name

    Orla - my favorite name right now, but Husband says it's weird and is the repeating R in Sarah and Orla too much? And Oscar and Orla?
    Isabelle - Husband I both think it's gorgeous but Isabella is so popular...
    Rose - I love it, Husband says it's pretentious-sounding
    Lucy - I think it's super cute but Husband has negative connotations with the name due to a co-worker
    Annabeth - I like it but Husband prefers Elizabeth, saying we can call her Beth, but if she were Annabeth I'd like to call her Annie
    Isla - I like the sound but dislike the spelling, and would it have pronunciation issues?
    Aurora - do the endings of Aurora and Sarah feel like a bit much? Is it too princessy together?
    Mackenzie - I like it, it's spunky and goes well with Sarah, but is it really "Trendy"? Plus, Mackenzie and Mason?

    Thank you for your advice and comments! We'd love some suggestions and feedback on the existing list.

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    I tend to agree with your husband that Orla doesn't really fit. Rose is one of the least pretentious names in my opinion, so I'm not sure where he gets that! Rose would work beautifully and is my favorite of your choices. For boys, I think Theo works the best, and I think it can absolutely stand alone.

    Other thoughts:

    Anneliese- slightly longer than the other sibling's names, but has that nn Annie

    Lila- Has the charms of Lucy and Isla

    Gavin- similar length, slightly different ending than Mason

    Adam- a classic that I think goes with your other children's names

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    Although it is #1, I do think that Jacob works really with your other children's names. Theo would be my second choice for a boy. For girls, Lucy or Rose would work really well, but it sounds like your DH may not go for them. Orla is definitely a different sounding name that doesn't go with the traditional style, so I tend to agree with your husband on that. I think Anne, Annie or something with the nn Annie would be nice for a girl (what about Annie Rose?) and I like rj's suggestions of Lila/Lilah and Adam too.

    Instead of Jacob-- what about Joseph, Joel, Josiah, Jeremy, Jonathan, Ethan, or Julian? Instead of Lucy-- what about Lily, Laurel, Liza, Lydia, Jane, Eve, Ruth, Phoebe, or Grace?

    Some possible combos of my favorites for you:

    Joseph Ian
    Joel Matthew
    Jeremy Ronan
    Jane Isabelle
    Jane Annabeth Lark
    Jane Orla May
    Grace Isabelle
    Grace Isla Ruth
    Lydia Rose
    Phoebe Aurora

    Other possibilities:

    Sarah, Daniel, Oscar, Mason, and

    Teresa (nn Tess/Tessa)

    Nathaniel (nn Nate)

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    You have similar taste to my Mom I think. I'm glad to see Sarah in use. It's a great name even though it is very common. I know about 10, but I think it is much less common right now, but not dated.

    I like Theo best for boys. I am not a huge fan of Theodore but love Theo. I think it works. In general, I think I believe in just naming your child the name you intend to call them. I hate correcting people and telling them to call me Kate, not Katherine because it's a hassle and I have not connection to Katherine. But Kate is trendier than Katherine so...

    I also like the name Jacob. It's a great name even if it is popular. It's not the end of the world to meet another person with the same name as you.

    For girls, I definitely like Lucy best, but it seems off limits for your family. What about Claire?
    Names I enjoy:

    Girls: Lucy, Elena, Lake, Sylvie

    Boys: Jack, Eamon, Sylvan, Theo

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    I like Lucy best on your girls list and think it would be so cute with your other kids names.

    For boys I like Theo and Ronan best. Ronan was one of my favourite boy names but my partner didn't go for it. It may be a little too matchy with Mason, but I love it nonetheless. My son's name is Theo and we love his name. We decided to name him just Theo, not Theodore, because as the pp mentioned, that was what we were going to call him and I am not a fan of other potential Theodore nicknames like Ted, Teddy. Plus I like the modern vibe of Theo. Good Luck!

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