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Thread: Name dreams?

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    Name dreams?

    Has anyone else had dreams about naming their children? What was your dream and what did it make you think? Did it end up influencing your real-life choices, or was it something you laughed off?

    This happened a while back in my current pregnancy, but I just thought about it again the other day.

    After we found out we were expecting twins, but before we found out genders, we decided to not worry about names. There was no way I was going to tackle the huge task of figuring out 3 different name combinations for twins. That's a possibility of having to pick and decide combos for at least 12 names! First and middle for g/g, b/b, and g/b. I didn't want to get into that unless we couldn't tell genders and Had to.

    But, in the middle of the "not thinking about it" time period, I had a dream one night that we found out it was b/g and that we named them James and Lilly. I immediately woke up for one of my 2am toilet breaks. On the way, as I was coming out of my sleep-fuzziness, I was thinking: "Hmmm, that's not bad. I think I like those. James and Lilly. James and Lilly. Lilly and James...wait, Lilly and James? Lilly and James Potter!!! Nope, not naming them after Harry Potter's parents!"
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    I had one ages ago that I had a daughter named Rissa. Drove me crazy when I tried to look it up and couldn't really find anything about it

    I don't think I'd ever use it, but for a while there I was sure it was a sign that I was destined to name my first daughter Rissa!
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    I had a dream that my aunt named her baby Jeb. The name Jeb hadn't been mentioned by her or anyone else, and had never been a name I thought twice about, but ever since that dream, I've loved it. Unfortunately, my husband nixed it.

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    I actually had nightmare a couple of days ago that I had a daughter and that she was in danger. I was running about everywhere trying to find her, and I started to shout out "Prim! Primrose! Prim!", and I could hear her screaming. It was a horrible dream, but Primrose is my favourite name. Even my subconscious knows it.
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    I'm not pregnant, but last night I dreamed I named my daughter Ninah. Not Nina, but Ninah-- rhymes with Dinah.

    I thought it was kind of pretty!

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