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    I like Nora, which I've known on some Irish immigrants, more than Neely, but it ends in -a?

    I think Maeve could work well depending on how strong your M-aversion is? Maeve is relatively simple to pronounce, too, and flatters Brenna without being "more of the same" iykwim. I also like Moira which feels very Irish to me, but it's also very vintage and not everyone's taste.

    Deirdre is one I love but my Irish-Aussie husband finds it too old.

    A couple pages from a UK site that might be helpful, or not:

    I did see some goodies but I maybe have a higher tolerance for weird due to being used to it - my husband is carrying on about how he wants Niamh and Siobhan for girls and Eoin for a boy.

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