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    Have a middle name, but stuck on first name!


    So I thought I had our boy name figured out, but now am having doubts. We will definitely be using a family name for the middle name, so that can't be changed. Do you have any other suggestions besides what I've come up with? I tend to like classic names, not too trendy. Current choices are:

    Benjamin Allen Miller
    Zachary Allen Miller

    Please help with some suggestions. Thanks!!!

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    Zachary Allen Miller is my pick! Zachary is such a classic name and is rarely used now. Nicholas Allen would be a great name too.
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    I love Benjamin Allen. Very handsome!

    How about:

    Christopher Allen M. -- Cam would be a cute nickname from the initials
    Edmund Allen M.
    George Allen M.
    Frederick Allen M.
    Henry Allen M.
    Joseph Allen M.
    Lewis Allen M.
    Nathan Allen M.
    Nathaniel Allen M.
    Richard Allen M.
    Simon Allen M. -- Sam for a nickname?
    Theodore Allen M.
    Vincent Allen M.
    William Allen M. -- My Amazon Author Page

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    I LOVE both, but I'm going to vote for Zachary Allen. Also, I think the initials ZAM are preferable to BAM (although, nothing is actually wrong with BAM).
    Mother of three teenagers: (1) Daniel Glen, (2) Timothy Austin, and (3) Rebecca Jane. All middle names honor family, with Jane used three generations in a row. (A second girl would have been Susanna Eve).

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    I also vote Zachary Allen!

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