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Thread: Find me a combo

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    Find me a combo

    Several times I've come across a beautiful name but struggled to find a good combo. So, I've come up with an idea.

    The first person states a single name that they can't find a good combo for. The next person looks at the single names (or other combos if you wish), in the first person's signature and suggests a combo for them, perhaps using a single name provided or suggesting something in their style.


    Poster 1: Harlow

    *Their sig* Indigo - Jade - Winifred - Summer - Rain - Clementine

    Poster 2: Harlow Jade Clementine


    *Their sig* August James - Tyler Bradley - Jackson Micahiah - Gabriel Lewis

    Poster 3-

    Samuel Bradley


    You may also wish to state how many middles you want, whether you want them to use names from your sig, whatever you want really.

    I hope you find this useful


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    Beatrix Luna or Beatrix Gwyneth

    Araluen (I have Araluen Eve in my signature, but I'm not sure if its quite right. I'd love some more, new ideas!)
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    Araluen Star or Araluen Sky
    (what a gorgeous name!)

    Elara - I know Elara Sophie is listed, but I'm not crazy about Sophie. Ideas more than welcome!
    My multicultural world... (+ many guilty pleasures)
    One can dream..... right?

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    Elara Soleil or if you want something new, Elara Sabine or Elara Nadine or Elara Oceane or Elara Margot (sorry for so many!)

    @aren Thank you! Araluen is one pf my favourite names, but I'm afraid my boyfriend will never agree to it. I really love both your suggestions!

    Zion (for a boy. Preferably not a unisex middle name)
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    Forrester North|Sky Remington|Brighton Fox||Azura Star|Aurora Blue|Araluen Eve
    dreaming of Indira Oakley, Pandora Willoughby and Ottilie River

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