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    Thoughts on these crushes...

    Catherine "Kit/Kitty"
    Genevieve "Evie"
    Hazel (not sure if this is really FN material or not, but I do really love it)
    Georgia/Georgiana (more MN material if anything--I've really been thinking about Adelaide Georgia ____ lately...)

    I'm not sure I'm ready to give up Eva as a FN yet, but these have really been growing on me. Catherine is the original form of my mom's name, and Adalind/Adelaide would honor my German roots.

    Also, this is more curiosity than anything, but I've always really loved Zoe as a MN, and I've lately been wanting to use it that way on my list--what FN(s) do you like paired with the MN Zoe?

    Thanks, ladies!
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    Catherine "Kit/Kitty" I love this, I think Kitty would be a cute nickname when she is young and then she can grow into the more matured Cate and Catherine. I love the C- version of Catherine, it seems to fit better with the meaning - pure.
    Genevieve - I would prefer Eve or Eva, Genevieve seems like a mouthfull and it just doesn't roll of the tongue. Evie is adorable.
    Adalind - I feel like it's supposed to be Adeline or Adalyn, I would prefer either of those.
    Adelaide - Love this so much. I'm from the states and I never hear it!! I would love to meet an Adelaide. ately
    Hazel - Adorable, it could totally work as a first name. Love it!!!
    Georgia/Georgiana - I like Georgia a lot better than Georgiana. Adelaide Georgia is great and so is Georgia Adelaide!

    Unfortunately, I can't think of any first names to go with Zoe at the moment (brain fart)...but Zoe as a first name would sound great with pretty much all of the names you listed.
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    Catherine "Kit/Kitty" --Catherine is pretty and timeless, Kit is adorable, but I would definitely shy away from Kitty for it's "less politically correct" synonym...

    Genevieve "Evie" -- This is pretty. Another fun take on this could be Jenavi or Genevi

    Adalind -- I haven't seen this variation before. I like it... it's more unqiue than Adaline

    Adelaide -- Another pretty choice. I have no connotations with this name, but I like the way it sounds

    Hazel -- While this sounds like an "older" name, I knew a young Hazel and she was awesome. She made the name grow on me for sure.

    Georgia/Georgiana -- This sounds a little redneck to me. Sorry!!

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    Catherine is an absolute favorite of mine, much prefer it to Katherine, and wish it didn't sound so hideous in Spanish because I would use it.

    Genevieve I like with the French pronunciation. Since I doubt most people in the US would say it like that... it loses its appeal to me.

    I prefer Adelaide to Adalind. Adalind looks unfinished. Adelaide is pretty though.

    Hazel. I can't like it. It's what people call my dad because they can't pronounce his name correctly and he HATES that so this name loses all appeal to me. That said, there's nothing WRONG with it, I just don't like it as much as your other choices.

    Georgiana all the way! Like it better than Georgia. All I can see is Mr. Darcy introducing his little sister. And P&P is amazing.
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    Catherine- lovely, sweet and classic It's hard to go wrong.
    Genevieve- I like it and I know you love it!
    Adalind- unusual but feminine and pretty. very German feel
    Adelaide- one of my favourites of the less common classics (as in not Mary, Elizabeth, etc.)
    Hazel- totally vintage chic
    Georgia/Georgiana- love both, but definitely prefer Georgiana. it's beautiful yet innocent I love the P&P connection (it's one of my favourite books)

    I don't like Zoe as a name but assuming you're pronouncing it zo-ee, I like Hannah Zoe (and Rachel Zoe, but that's pretty tied to the stylist).
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