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    Need a unique and meaningful name!

    We just had a little girl and we are struggling to name her. Our naming style is one name (first or middle) as a family name, and the other name a unique but deeply meaningful name.
    For example, my son's name is North and his MN is the same as his father's, a mainstream name that had been passed down for generations. North for us is symbolic of knowing your direction, being true to your path. We love the name and hope it inspires him in his life.

    So with this little girl, we want to use the name Claire, (the mainstream family name), but we are struggling with the unique and meaningful other name. We originally were going to go with Crimson Claire, but there were just too many negative connotations with Crimson.
    I really like Sage for its meaning and nature reference (it means wise, or healer). The problem is Claire Sage doesn't have a very good flow. It kind of sounds like I'm tripping over the name when I say it. (Clara Sage with an a sounds great, but I can't do Clara). I love nature names like River and Wren, but it has to have that deeper meaning too.

    I would love suggestions of a unique name that could have meaning tied to: healing or healer, faith or creed, truth, wisdom, follower of Christ, wellness or strength, vision or perspective. It can be a noun, a word in different language, a made up name, anything goes!

    Thanks nameberries! I know this creative bunch will come up with some amazing ideas!

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    Lavender Claire ( healing)
    Marigold Claire ( healing)
    Indigo Claire ( wisdom)
    Truett Claire ( truth)
    Honora Sage ( loyalty)
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    Provenance Claire
    Paloma Claire
    Willa Claire
    Ainslie Claire

    Some are a bit of a stretch like Ainslie - which means "his own meadow" but I always think of Jesus as the Shepard the us as sheep who need to be lead to greener pastures/ meadows.
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    Raphaela Claire ("God has healed")
    Althea Claire ("healing" and is also an anagram for Health)
    Verity Claire ("truth")
    Roswitha Claire ("fame strength")
    Mathilde Claire ("battle strength")
    Apollonia Claire ("strength")
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